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Contact Lenses:
We work very closely with our manufacturer to insure that quality and customer service are at the top of our list. Our line of daily wear cosmetic lenses and theatrical lenses are styles that we normally carry. We are always striving to meet the needs of our customers so we update our custom lenses throughout the year. If we have discontinued a lens that you have ordered, we will do our best to accommodate you in choosing an alternative. We accept custom designs from you as well. If you need to order a custom design of your own, we will put together a price for your specific order. Please contact us, so that we can help you to bring to life your custom look. * If you don't already have a Contact Lens Care Kit, found in our contact lens section, we recommend that you purchase one. It has all that you need to care for the life of your lenses.

Foam latex masks:
We offer wholesale pricing on orders of twenty or more on foam latex masks only. Please contact us for details and pricing.  If you have inquiries regarding our store, please let us know and we will handle your request in a timely manner. Our foam latex masks were originally made for Our custom-made foam latex appliances push your final look over the edge. Each piece that we carry is hand made and created in soft, flexible, industry standard, high quality foam latex rubber. Each mask arrives to you unpainted, giving you the chance to create your own unique look. Each of our pieces acts like a second skin to your own. After being properly glued down using our pro adhesive, every expression you have translates through, giving your creation a life all it's own. We will be updating and adding more foam pieces throughout the year. We also welcome any custom ideas that you may have as well. Please contact us with your ideas to have us help you to further customize your look for you.